I think that’s when you know your in love; for the first time your feel comfortable in going to sleep because of the certainty that they will be the first thing you see when you wake up. But at the same time you don’t want to close your eyes because no dream could match what you feel when your awake. You.

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Q: whos that guy in the picture thats by his car its a honda dressed in all black?

Idk? Do you have a link to it cause I can’t really tell what you’re referring to

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Q: whats ur twitter

I don’t have one atm

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And my mother thinks I hate her
because I am barely 17
and I think I have it all worked out
especially boys, and life
and “I only live once
so I will go and fuck him
on the riverbank
and believe it is romantic
because there are stars shining above my head”
when in reality
I don’t even know my own favourite colour
and I am scared to admit the music that makes me cry.
I may be 17
with wrists of steel and too much eyeliner
but I do know
that when I fall
or when something breaks
or when I’m crying in the gutter smoking my last cigarette
and I hate myself so much that I want to cry an ocean
the only person I want is her.
I want her skin, like soap and mothballs
and I want her warm breasts to sob into.
I want her stories
and her words
and her smell.
The most important relationship a girl ever will or won’t have is with her mum, and
I love you so much. "A Different Kind of Need", by Rosie Scanlan (via girlchoking)

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Q: hi this is such a random/somewhat desperate question but on textpostsrus do you know where the faq theme page is from? i cant find it anywhere :(

Nah I don’t sorry

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